Orkot® Bearings

A bearing is one of the most critical components in machinery. Only the best material will do to minimise the risk for failure. Orkot® from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is the best composite bearing material available in the world. Djons has the privilege to be preferred supplier for Orkot®.

Djons Orkot TXMM SMALLWe have worked with Orkot® for many years and have become an expert in applying this material. We stock Orkot® meaning we can deliver fast, within 24 hours if needed.

Djons also provides Orkot® in complete engineering projects, such as seal and bearing work combined with machining.

About Orkot®

Orkot® is a high-grade polymer composite material containing solid lubricants. Compared to metal bearings Orkot® offers many advantages. They are maintenance-free and accept shaft misalignment and edge loads even under most demanding circumstances. Orkot® material is certified and therefor approved to be used in a variety of food and marine applications.

From Orkot® Djons manufactures plain bearings and spherical bearings that are highly wear-proof and have excellent dimensional accuracy.

Unique features (depending on grade)

Orkot TXMM Propellor shaft bushes

  • Low friction coefficient
  • High load capability
  • Can be used in temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius
  • No swell in salt or fresh water
  • Very useful in salt water applications
  • Available in several food-grade approved qualities
  • Adhesive bonding possible by using two-component adhesive


  • Less (or no lubrication at all) needed
  • Accepts shaft miss alignment
  • Friction coefficient is constant even after standstill
  • Absorbs vibration
  • Accepts long-term constant loads
  • Load capability is equal to steel plain metal bearings

Application Area

  • Orkot TLMM 2Replacement for bronze bearing bushes
  • Hinges for hatches, doors and bridges
  • Rudder and propeller shaft bearings
  • Bearings for pumps and valves
  • Rod and piston guiding for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders
  • Skidding plates for heavy constructions such as weirs, bridges and flood gates

Available Orkot® Grades

  • Orkot® TLM Marine
  • Orkot® TXM Marine
  • Orkot® C320
  • Orkot® C321
  • Orkot® C322
  • Orkot® C330
  • Orkot® C361
  • Orkot® C367
  • Orkot® C368
  • Orkot® C380 (Slydring/wear ring)
  • Orkot® C410
  • Orkot® C480 (Slydring/wear ring)
  • Orkot® C324
  • Orkot® C335
  • Orkot® C338
  • Orkot® C369
  • Orkot® C378


Orkot Grades

Please contact us for more information about Orkot® for your application. Also, for more more in-depth technical information and specifications Djons can help.

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