Trelleborg Seals

Djons is a specialist in Sealing Technology. The range contains special custom-made seals as well as standard seals for almost every possible static and dynamic application. Because of the corporation with Trelleborg Sealing Solutions (TSS) Djons is capable of supplying high-grade quality seals in a wide variety of materials such as Polymers, PTFE’s and Polyurethanes.

Djons can advise you on each level of Sealing Technology. Think about applicability and the requirements for surface finishing and tolerances. But also for advice and availability of stocks and inventory management regarding Seal Technology.

Djons also provides seals in complete engineering projects, such as seal and bearing work combined with machining.

Unique features

  • Great variety of materials available such as Polymers, PTFE’s and Polyurethanes (PU’s)
  • Seals available with unique features like back-pumping ability and dry-run capabilities
  • Seals available for very specific and high demanding applications like food industry
  • By cooperating with TSS direct access to worldwide stock and technical know-how

Available seals

  • O-rings (e.g. NBR, PU, FKM en EPDM)
  • Static seals (e.g. Wills Rings®, Quad-ring®, Zurcon®,  Bonded Seal)
  • Hydraulic Piston & Rod seals (e.g. Turcon®, Stepseal®, Zurcon® U-cup)
  • Hydraulic schrapers (e.g. Turcon® Excluder, Zurcon® Scrapers)
  • Hydraulic wear rings (e.g. Turcite® en Orkot® Slydring®)
  • Pneumatic seals (Piston seals, scrapers, cushioning seals)
  • Rotary seals (e.g. Radial Oil Seal, Turcon® Varilip, Turcon® Roto Glyd Ring®)
  • V-rings
  • Gamma Seals
  • Mechanical Face Seals
  • Flat gaskets

Application areas

  • Offshore
  • Oil & Gas
  • Food
  • Automotive
  • Civil Engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Sustainable energy
  • Agriculture
  • Process industry
  • Generic maintenance and repair

Please contact Djons for more information about sealing technology. Also, for more more in-depth technical information and specifications Djons can help.

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